Of growing wings to your dreams

Its how a random thought

finds a home

in the farthest corner

of a receptive heart

where drinking in its warmth

growing on its love

it becomes strong

slow steady in a race with itself

a few connected souls

a few appreciative hearts

stop to fan its fire

strengthen its roots

help it reach out to the skies

and it, the dream

now shy but a little more confident

steps out of the heart

travels to the eyes

reaches the lips

touches the hands

speeds the feet

until as if possessed

a body moves

a dream searching its house

in actions

in events

in dirty street corners

dreams accumulate

and magically transform

everything around

a Hima Das

an Arunima

a Kalam

a Leander Paes

a Mohammed Anas

a Neeraj Chopra

opens the soul where

it parks itself

in life-giving receptacles

admiring eyes, thumping chests

pulsating nerves, dancing notes

growing its wings finally

it sets out to conquer

the worlds, known and unknown.