Of moorings

It took me time to find my mooring

away from ‘him’,’her’, ‘his’, ‘her’, ‘their’

far away from ‘that’, ‘those’, ‘these’ and ‘others’

anchoring into my own brittle self

so convoluted in my own thoughts

so lost in the tornadoes of fantasy and reality

so confused to know which is which

I entered gingerly into who I am

it was a revelation,still partly revealing, ‘an epiphany’

haven’t I been here, I thought

haven’t I seen this part of me, I asked

‘yes’ and ‘no’ and ‘something in between’

the abyss of the self

the ruminations of the mind

the many truths of many people

the many loves and the many hates

the many hurts and the many strengths

the ‘you’s and the  ‘I’s

and then nothing

and then everything

and even anything

but he said it well

‘let your house not be your anchor, let it be your mast’!

so it is!



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