CT Scan and After

To lie down into a coffin like structure

to be moved not out of my own volition

to be studied, scrutinized and marked

to be medically dissected, scanned and pictured

to allow the ‘experts’ to decide what my brain knows not

at least what my mind has not registered

to succumb to the rule of the mighty radiologist

and the mightier machine that whirs and rumbles and grumbles

to know not of what secrets of my intellectual capital will be revealed

to yet quieten the intelligence if there is any of such kind

to realize the ‘computed tomography’ somehow

sounds too close to the tomb!

yet to feel somehow important enough

to kind of enjoy the halo around the head

to think rather irrationally of Tutankhamun

the prince who died young and left enough for the world to ponder

what caused his mighty death?

what jealousy? what disease? what rivalry?

to know for sure not an ant will turn if such were to be my end!

for I will leave nothing but a few words of fluffy ruminations

borrowed wisdom and regurgitated truths

to finally get up, thank the universe for a body that moves

a brain/ mind that registered ‘it’s over!’ and scoot!


PS: the first time at the CT and the last, hopefully!


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