Went to a doc!

Went to a doc

and showed my head

he tapped it hard

twisted it like a vase

a grin on his face

a growl in his voice

he said

there is a hole at the base

what did you let out?

I squirmed a bit

but admitted the truth

‘I let out some steam

a few old dreams

two and a half men to be precise

a few old grouse

some very old curses

dusted off some memories

randomly occurring fantasies

a few laughter

a few big tears

some fartingly old painful truths

of jealousies

and manipulations

a sin or two

I never confessed

a dream or two

I guess I will never accomplish

a few grey hairs

some moustache

blame it on hormonal imbalance

that is about it I guess!’

‘Well its time lady’

he stopped me

too uninterested in the story

‘the question was just the routine

you needn’t have been too sincere

well your confessions are safe with me

coz  I hardly listened

my girl friend is on fire!

get off

be gone

next please!’


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