Upgrading and after

I am euphoric literally! I have just upgraded to the Premium Plan on Word Press and have also got a new site address.

Frankly this is a major upgrade for my ambition/my journey as a writer/ blogger/poet.

For years since I started writing, I never had the courage to tell any one of what I wrote, I am too personal in my writing I thought more in the fashion of Montaigne. There is too much of me in what I write or is it just my feeling?

I had questions and so many of them. Will I reveal too much of myself? Will the dark hidden secrets jump of my closet, surprising me and embarrassing those who know me?

Will my writing restricted as it is to the small area of my operation, school, college, students, teachers, family be too monotonous even to myself.

Yet, in a momentary lapse of judgement and self-criticism I went ahead and opened an account on WordPress!

I said this is going to be only about notes for the students at the school, whom I had sort of left in the lurch in the middle of an academic year and was feeling extremely guilty about the same.

But then, it was not to be.

A straight path is never mine, it has to wind  and wind and roll over and over to get to where it has to, if it has to ever!

So, I started writing of everything under the sun, sometimes, my blog page is the recipient of confessions galore, other times it is a witness to the interesting parade of life and living, often times a comment on what is happening around, at times the preacher-teacher in me takes hold and starts trumpeting values, which I myself find to be too demanding!

Today, as I see this page, I am over whelmed of how this journey has taken shape.

Hopes rise

even amidst strife

life and living calls

as long as breath lasts

dreams stay

even as nightmarish shudders stifle

new sounds

newer sights

friends and companions

come and go in a constant flux

seeking eternity in the transience of it all







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