Of Growing Up with a Long Nose

Not everyone gets to grow up with a long nose, unless of course it is right on your own face!

It is a unique feeling when most of the times you are nothing but the girl with the long nose.

At family gatherings, you are everybody’s punching bag, for jokes like your turning to call them with a nudge with your nose, makes you think that you actually have a trunk , or do I really?! I wondered.

In my childhood innocence, I dreamed of growing up to earn enough to trim mine. A nose pin to distract the general public from looking too closely at the splendor of my long nose is still an idea that keeps coming to the mind.

There are times  when I felt as if my long nose traveled faster than I did in its name and fame and form.

It had some fans, some times it fanned jealousies, but mostly it evoked mild ridicule.

Imagine being called out in your college for having a long nose! That was terrible.

Luckily there were many in my family that suffered from the same ‘malady’ that we could actually be called collectively the ‘long nose people’.

Within the family though we secretly declared that it was a sign of intelligence and substantiated this finding with proof from public life to give ourselves the confidence to  carry it around.

It is true that in winters, my nose tip is the polar region facing blazing snow storms and freezing to death while other parts of me could be in different temperate zones!

Well, once though at a wedding in Varandharapilly in Kerala when all others could easily gulp the delicious payasam from their steel tumblers, I struggled to get one drop to my mouth as the nose, the tip of the nose pretty much blocked my vision and the access to the sweetmeat!

Often a frothy drink would hit my nose even before I get to taste it. My cherry colored or coffee tinged nose is the cause of a laughter riot for my daughter that I sometimes let it be.

Life’s twists and turns however, took me far away from the mundane worries of the ‘nose’ and presented to me far greater challenges, that in the course of time, I have not only learned to live with my nose, accept its inevitable presence in my life but also eclipse its importance with suitably padding the cheeks and the jawline with enough fat that the poor nose is losing its prominence on my facial landscape!

Well! all this thought triggered by the ‘nosies’ being posted by a distant member of my sisterhood, of restoring the pride of owning a long nose!

Let the movement begin!

Let us restore our lost pride in our own nose

And you….don’t poke your nose into others affairs!

Thank you 


The Pillar of Hope

Trusting the pillar of hope

she climbed the ladder of life

a missing step sent a shiver

she leaned closer

hope whispered

‘love leave me not

ever never in your life

I alone can see you through

in times of strife’

She smiled to heave a mixed sigh

‘always I have come to you beloved

in moments of agony and pain

your words have some times soothed

sometimes been a mirage

yet I have trusted you alone

knowing well how

a mother bird tends to her chicks

a tigress to her cubs

hoping against hope

that man’s straying eyes do not find them’.

Of looking back

‘Look Back in Anger’ is John Osborne’s iconic work which focuses on the struggles of the protagonist of the play, Jimmy Porter. But the looking back I am referring to is not in anger but in love.

‘A looking back’ in expectation of seeing the face seeing you off. Of the desire to gently nod and wave your hand in good bye, see you soon!

It is the ‘looking back’ that every child who climbs into the bus turns back in expectation for. When the dad or mom who boarded the child walks off before waving that precious goodbye, a small disappointment sets in the eyes and the heart of the child.

A few days of holidays help me to see my daughter off to college, as she boards the rick, she turns back to look for me. I would have almost shut the door, but I saw that the driver was taking a u-turn and stood back for a few more minutes to be once again greeted by that precious ‘looking back’ with a naughty glint in her eyes.

Ah! for the small joys of living.

If you are romantic at heart like me, you would have yearned for the good byes and welcomes as much as I did. Growing up on a steady diet of films, in which the wife dutifully waves a good bye to the husband as he leaves for the office, I too would get myself ready even if I did not look my best, after all the kitchen work to ‘see him off’!

Well, it was always a disappointment for my now estranged husband always cribbed and cried his way to work. He cursed every one in this world and above. It was clear that work was an harassment for him, so was life. Now to say good bye to him was something I tried my hand at, until later, in my wisdom of survival, I simply hid myself in the bedroom, till the bike zoomed off in the distance and heaved a sigh of relief.

Seeing him off was the toughest see offs of my life!

When I come back after visiting my parents back home, I always hate to look back to see my mother’s moist eyes. And to having to look ahead and pretend as if everything was fine.

Even now when my dad visits me, he drops me to the bus stop and I turn around to wave him a good bye, what a feeling it is!

I wish we realized how important it is to cherish these seemingly small moments of love and care.

I wish we simply turned around with a smile to say a good bye.

I wish  we learned to invest time in small deeds of kindness to spread cheer around!

So what is your experience of ‘looking back’?


#FootpathBeku- Art drives social awareness

In a unique campaign to create awareness about the usurpation of public spaces for private use, the Malleswaram Social, a residents association which proudly claims to ‘ BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE! Also, SEE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO BRING!’ has come out with funny video to drive home the message.

What is interesting about the short video is the use of Bharatanatyam, a classical dance style to draw attention to the sorry state of affairs. Laced with subtle satire and humor the video is a must watch and will hopefully trigger some positive action.

As Bangalore grapples with the growing demands on its scant and dilapidated infrastructure by the ever growing population it is  for the citizens of this once proudly called, ‘garden city’ to do their bit to restore at lease some of its past glory.

Citizen rights and citizen duties are closely interlinked and often we are in a hurry to criticize the establishment.
We forget our total indifference to our surroundings and our refusal to follow the rules of the land. Take for example, the effort of the BBMP to encourage the urban population to segregate waste and our collective non-co-operation to do the same!
Hope more such movements sprout across the city! I am expecting a ‘Say no to spitting’ one soon!




Delighting teachers

Been teaching for donkeys years now but it is special every time when students come back to you.

Today for instance, a group of students came to meet me, those who I don’t teach this year. It felt so good that they thought of dropping by and asking my whereabouts.

In a few minutes of interaction, I could see how they have grown,changed for the better.

It is a small world, sometimes harsh, but moments like these make the life worthwhile and delights the teacher in me.

I am suddenly reminded of my teachers, Mam Geetha Atmaram, Dr. Vijayan Nair,Dr. Vinay Nair, Dr. Catherine Thankamma from Government Victoria College, Palakkad. Baby Mathew Teacher , Mary Kutty Teacher and Dakhshayani Teacher  and Annie Teacher from LSN Convent Ottapalam. Thyagarajan Sir, Johnson Kingsley Sir from SDA , Kaniampuram then Nagajyothi Miss from Vijnana Vihara School, Vijayawada, Uma Miss from NSM Public School, Vijayawada, Radha Teacher from Ambalur School, can’t recollect the name!

Some one said that we internalize our role models unconsciously and model ourselves after them, in our professional and personal lives.

It could be that I modeled myself after my teachers and parents, for good or bad, for better or worse!

So many teachers, yet so few could I recollect reinforcing my belief in making classrooms fun places for students.

Happy classrooms make happy students and happier teachers and as a bonus you get some great results too!

Sometimes stop by

‘Sometimes just stop by’

I told the wind

and he smiled

‘if I come too often

you might not want me anymore’

he murmured.

I countered

eager to please

afraid of losing

what came after much waiting

‘when you come

you bring hope

breeze from everywhere

fragrances of trees you touched

stories of lands you passed by

the screams from seas you roared

the dreams of maidens you caressed

passions of princes yearning for love

people kneeling in hope and prayer for more

of children who are protected in innocence

of old age scents mushy in love

young men singing songs to the beloved

young women dancing to the tunes of the heart strings.

Through you I see, feel the pulse

of a world that turned cold to me

of the sky that stopped smiling

the clouds with stilled sails

of a heart burning in rebuke,regret and retrospect

come, therefore, often, stretch your limbs at my gate

step in for some light banter and then choose to fly away.


Connecting real time

So it was a call from within, after months of marooning in an island of self-the gadgets-work-home to step out and see the world around.

The whole idea was intimidating. Since I have kind of stopped driving, reaching the venue was an issue and then I wondered it’s been so long since I attended a Toastmasters event, so who will know me after all?

Brushing aside these doubts and overcoming my own lethargy to step out of the house, I manage to reach the 4th anniversary of Dhwani Toastmasters Club at Bannerghatta Road.

I am relieved to see a few familiar faces and then some very dear faces, suddenly I am at ease.

‘I am glad I came’, I think as I listen to the usual talks of feedback, speech, contests and what not.

I am glad especially because I meet friends whom I missed since I moved to other part of the city.

I happily connect to ladies who have always impressed me with their charm and ready wit on stage.

I am delighted the off and on stage personas are equally endearing…

As we ladies huddle and talk more, suddenly we are reminded of time and reaching back home is a concern.

Luckily I get good company to reach the metro and then back home. I am relieved.

I reach home happy of having taken the trouble to go out and meet people.

After all, real time is better than screen time isn’t it?

Go out and meet people, go to movies, watch plays, join local clubs, take membership in pet clubs so that you and your pet can socialize, go out with your family, form associations….life is better in the company of others…

Go out and seek good company, it might get a little awkward at times, but it is worth the trouble, so keep at it!

Hedge the hog!

Hurtling down the road to nowhere

at a rate that surprised her

a bump here a bump there

a turn here a tear there

then a fast fast run

a sudden twist

and a long long fall

into the blue blue waters below

heading into the azure land that spread beneath

she looked up to catch

a rainbow smiling from above

a smile that spread across the sky

and hit the earth hard that it bloomed instantly

into a sea of many hues

birds laughed

some trumpeting was heard

heavens had a belly hard laughter

at the antics of the hedgehog!

The Other Day Thought

The other day

I thought of death

I often think of him as a friend

waiting to embrace you for who you are

the most minimalist

sans pretension, sans words, sans the body even!

more kind and forgiving than life itself

“at birth a seed is planted into your soul

a seed that grows into who you are

as you grow and blossom

lengthening your tendrils and roots and branches

as you romance the breeze, the earth and the sky

you blossom continuously, unraveling what is within you

day by day,hour by hour, minute by minute, second by second

you grow into your own unique beauty of a parallel world

you brighten from within infinitely, each to your own, in your own course

none too wrong, none too right, just there, wherever you be, who ever and what ever you be

you bring out what is within and bring in what is without

as fruits ripen, so do you, with actions, passions and in actions run your course

like the flowers that fall, so do you then fall, to return to where you came from and it goes on!