Hedge the hog!

Hurtling down the road to nowhere

at a rate that surprised her

a bump here a bump there

a turn here a tear there

then a fast fast run

a sudden twist

and a long long fall

into the blue blue waters below

heading into the azure land that spread beneath

she looked up to catch

a rainbow smiling from above

a smile that spread across the sky

and hit the earth hard that it bloomed instantly

into a sea of many hues

birds laughed

some trumpeting was heard

heavens had a belly hard laughter

at the antics of the hedgehog!


2 responses to “Hedge the hog!”

  1. Wonderful! I love it. The images are vivid and concise, the fast movement from line to line fits perfectly. Nice work? (Is it work for you, or do these poems just spill out? This one seems especially well crafted.)

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    • thanks… I do write from an instinct. But sometimes I wish I could edit and and re edit what I write. They say that it is important to improve the quality of writing. Honestly I don’t do that much. Writing is never work ! So far it has not been, don’t know what lies ahead.

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