Connecting real time

So it was a call from within, after months of marooning in an island of self-the gadgets-work-home to step out and see the world around.

The whole idea was intimidating. Since I have kind of stopped driving, reaching the venue was an issue and then I wondered it’s been so long since I attended a Toastmasters event, so who will know me after all?

Brushing aside these doubts and overcoming my own lethargy to step out of the house, I manage to reach the 4th anniversary of Dhwani Toastmasters Club at Bannerghatta Road.

I am relieved to see a few familiar faces and then some very dear faces, suddenly I am at ease.

‘I am glad I came’, I think as I listen to the usual talks of feedback, speech, contests and what not.

I am glad especially because I meet friends whom I missed since I moved to other part of the city.

I happily connect to ladies who have always impressed me with their charm and ready wit on stage.

I am delighted the off and on stage personas are equally endearing…

As we ladies huddle and talk more, suddenly we are reminded of time and reaching back home is a concern.

Luckily I get good company to reach the metro and then back home. I am relieved.

I reach home happy of having taken the trouble to go out and meet people.

After all, real time is better than screen time isn’t it?

Go out and meet people, go to movies, watch plays, join local clubs, take membership in pet clubs so that you and your pet can socialize, go out with your family, form associations….life is better in the company of others…

Go out and seek good company, it might get a little awkward at times, but it is worth the trouble, so keep at it!


3 responses to “Connecting real time”

  1. It took a breath or two before I read beyond the opening sentence–so memorably put! (I was especially struck by it because of my own recent experience of being home and hospital bound, but I think anyone who tends toward an interior life can’t appreciate the accuracy and slight humor in those words.)

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  2. I can understand that as I have been having my rather down times, but it’s important to break the pattern…hope you are well and fine. Stay happy Albert.Stay blessed 🙂


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