Sometimes stop by

‘Sometimes just stop by’

I told the wind

and he smiled

‘if I come too often

you might not want me anymore’

he murmured.

I countered

eager to please

afraid of losing

what came after much waiting

‘when you come

you bring hope

breeze from everywhere

fragrances of trees you touched

stories of lands you passed by

the screams from seas you roared

the dreams of maidens you caressed

passions of princes yearning for love

people kneeling in hope and prayer for more

of children who are protected in innocence

of old age scents mushy in love

young men singing songs to the beloved

young women dancing to the tunes of the heart strings.

Through you I see, feel the pulse

of a world that turned cold to me

of the sky that stopped smiling

the clouds with stilled sails

of a heart burning in rebuke,regret and retrospect

come, therefore, often, stretch your limbs at my gate

step in for some light banter and then choose to fly away.


Negotiating Sky

Ah! sky she said

‘wait until our wrath

singes you

burns you

scars you

piercing through your very existence

till you tremble through and through

our indifference is nothing

wait till we turn the evil eye at you.

No, we are not making the Babel again

we are busy bulldozing what is left

of living, breathing and copulating

of building down, no,breaking down

what they built with your benevolence

we know the DNA, the god particle and much more

we know to recreate life

colonize Mars

set the temperature on the Sun

just right for our comfort!

well, not that, not yet

but wait till we turn you inside out

and send the stars screaming for their lives

then dear sky, it shall be your turn

to burn us down

to wipe us out

to breathe fire into our lungs

till then, can we just co-exist?

peacefully, I mean!