#FootpathBeku- Art drives social awareness

In a unique campaign to create awareness about the usurpation of public spaces for private use, the Malleswaram Social, a residents association which proudly claims to ‘ BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE! Also, SEE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO BRING!’ has come out with funny video to drive home the message.

What is interesting about the short video is the use of Bharatanatyam, a classical dance style to draw attention to the sorry state of affairs. Laced with subtle satire and humor the video is a must watch and will hopefully trigger some positive action.

As Bangalore grapples with the growing demands on its scant and dilapidated infrastructure by the ever growing population it is  for the citizens of this once proudly called, ‘garden city’ to do their bit to restore at lease some of its past glory.

Citizen rights and citizen duties are closely interlinked and often we are in a hurry to criticize the establishment.
We forget our total indifference to our surroundings and our refusal to follow the rules of the land. Take for example, the effort of the BBMP to encourage the urban population to segregate waste and our collective non-co-operation to do the same!
Hope more such movements sprout across the city! I am expecting a ‘Say no to spitting’ one soon!





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