Kitty as the CCTV

I am not a great fan of constant supervision or surveillance, yet when my kitty runs around the kitchen keeping a sharp eye on my movements, perking her ears at the orchestra that I create in the morning frenzy, I kind of enjoy it!

I do kind of feel loved and cared for….And it is a happy feeling.

I guess that is what a pet does, with the attention that it gives to you.

When I emphatically declare that ‘see she loves me’, my mother cryptically replies, ‘So you think!’, rolling her eyes and turning up her nose. My mom is not a fan of cats, obviously!

Actually, I read that a cat kind of follows you if it likes you or if it thinks you are its prey!

Wonder what she thinks actually!

But whatever it is, the attention is welcome.

I love the fact that she runs to me with her toy with the expectation that I will play with her.

I like it when she paws me gently and waits for me to heave myself off the comfort of sitting and get up to play with her.

All my declarations of the kitty manifestation of love is dismissed by my ‘jealous’ daughter as figments of my overworked imagination!

Well, one thing I know for sure, if there was a way to download my kitty’s memory, images captured through her eyes, it would be an undeniable clue to the activities at the space, we call home and I would be the protagonist, maybe, maybe not!

Could it be that I am the villain???!!!


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