Broken hopes

a yawning gap

of misery sucks in

life and cheerfulness 

like a black hole

a hand to hold 

a shoulder to rest 

a few kind words 

is all that the soul seeks 

yet in giving 

in losing oneself 

there are hidden swamps 

pain, agony and sorrow 

claim life’s efforts to flourish

nay, just stay afloat!

what karmic paths lead where 

what joys will someday compensate

what the morrows hold 

just a plain gleaming vacuum 

of broken tinsel dreams 

searing torn hopes 

a knowledge of nothingness 

thunder, fire and lightening

an empty empty living. 


2 responses to “Broken hopes”

  1. “what the morrows hold, just a plain gleaming vacuum, of broken tinsel dreams, searing torn hopes, a knowledge of nothingness, thunder, fire and lightening, an empty empty living.”

    Vivid and evocative. A sincere expression of melancholy with an imagery that conveys despair and anguish. Words like vacuum, torn, nothingness, and empty create a feeling of hopelessness. Great work, and keep writing.

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