Of Toxic Masculinity

It is not often that I write about gender gaps and gender misgivings, yet one has to agree toxic masculinity is  very much in practice at home as well as at work places as women continue to break the glass ceilings.

One of my friends asked in anguish, ‘Why does this guy shout so much?’.’Because he is unable to manage his emotions’.

‘What is irritating him so much?’, ‘The fact that you are a woman, who is far more accomplished than him and that you are younger. In his generation, he has only seen women who take commands, never one to speak with confidence.’

‘What is with the condescending tone?”Why does this guy talk to me as if, I am kid’? ‘Well, he is simply trying to put you in your place and trying his best to protect his’supremacy’.’ ‘By talking another person down?!!’. ‘That is one of the many ways’.

‘Why does he always tell me that I saw/heard/experienced it incorrectly?’ or that ‘it must be a figment of my imagination, when I know it is not’. ‘Apparently, the logic behind this thought is that  women are more given to  creativity and fantasy !.’

‘Why does he say that he is used to dealing with rough people and so he tends to talk rudely?’ ‘Really, how come he is so polite when he deals with customers, because his rude behavior might cost him his job!’

Excuses for bad behavior are many, in fact some say it is authentic and real compared to more civilized representations of emotions. However, when words are specifically tuned to hurt and malign they better not be said. 

No man or woman has the right to hurt with words because unlike the  injuries of the body, that of mind will take a lifetime to heal. 

Now, does it mean that women don’t hurt?! No, not really. What is important is to give respect to every gender man, woman or otherwise!


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  1. It’s hard to justify, or even explain, any of these verbal behaviors. I suspect there is no “logic behind” them, except that they are ingrained attitudes which are picked up in childhood—whether from the extended family or from all-male activities. Both settings influenced me so strongly that

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