Of Writing


words, thoughts, ideas 

crystallize from nowhere 

even as I struggle to fathom 

where it is headed to 

the urge to regurgitate is 

so compelling  that 

I have to but put it up

sometimes I struggle 

to understand the nervous 

energy that propels thoughts 

implores expression 

even risking comprehension 

yet, I write 

each time every time

from within to without 

or vice versa 

churning a medley 

of rehashed remixes

floating in and out of consciousnesses 




or just the same

time will tell 

all I know is catharsis. 

Classroom magic

As always classrooms create magic.

A space of safety and trust, of beautiful exchanges, of ideas, of daring to ask, of willingness to tell and listen.

Sometimes it is willingness to cheer.

Something surreal happened in the classroom today as young 20 year olds shared their brilliant ideas of science and its application in our lives. 

One of the speakers in the group is not used to speaking much. The last time he spoke, he did not manage to stand for a minute. He also revealed a tendency to cluck his tongue which the audience took up in good fun.

Perhaps he didn’t like it. Perhaps it helped him to decide to try harder.

Because today, when he spoke and he clucked his tongue a few times, and though some among the audience took it up, he continued speaking for a full 2 minute and a half. He did not stop. He was determined to speak his mind and the class broke into thunderous applause at his courage and perseverance. 

A small wall just collapsed. 

An impediment in his self discovery just vanished. 

At the time of dispersal, many got up to shake hands with him.

Classrooms are creative spaces for positive interaction, my belief in the same just got reinforced.