A hotbed of Cat-ivity

Seriously, my home has become a hot bed of cat-ivity ever since I believe my kitten came of age…well, not sure about that…but her admirers, an old uncle tom cat and a rather young virile looking dude have since long posted themselves right in front of my house. 

Cat calls, cat fights, I have seen it all and so has my kitty, who peeps through the curtains as her suitors fight it out outside. Once though I went out with a broom, in the typical mom style and drove them off my terrace to get some peace.

Her ways are enticing, my kitty’s that is, to say the least as she gently spreads on the steps and eyes the old uncle cat, who continuously implores her to follow his lead. 

Well, the last time she went out, she stayed out for the whole night and I looking like a clown, would go to the front door to ‘meow’ to get her back even in the middle of the night. ‘Mom’ said my daughter ‘I guess she has migrated to another street with her friends.’

But no, she walks back into the house, when in the evening I open door to enter home after a hectic day’s work, without an inkling of guilt at her mis- behavior and what is more, climbs right onto my lap. ‘Shameless’! says my daughter and I nod my head in agreement.

But what changed after her last rendezvous is not clear to me, coz I notice that she is not inclined to stray far off the house and if I happen to close the front door, she meows from the window asking me to ‘open the damn door!’

Well, I don’t know who is keeping who in the house anymore.

Who is petting whom? or merely tolerating? 

‘House cats are afraid to step out of the house’, said a learned cat-expert and mother of half a dozen cats to me.

Really! then this girl is more of an out side cat,a true nomad, chasing dreams by clinging to the window sill and looking out yearningly and always quick to dash out of the house at the smallest pretext. 

Well, she does drive me crazy with her constant attention seeking and over worked tactics, but she is just so full of life, and is that a crime?!

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