Open Appreciation Forum – A Classroom Activity

It was the last class. The last day of the semester when  I would meet them and we have already completed the portions and done with the evaluations. 

We have had a good time together. Some of my classes have broken their backs and wracked their brains to come up with excellent end of the semester work. So good, in fact that we in the department were tempted to hold an exhibition of the same. 

Good work deserves great appreciation, nothing less. So while we discuss this and more, I invite the class to ‘Shoot a question to whoever they want’. The class goes wild asking all kinds of funny questions.

After some time, I announce that it is time for an ‘Open Appreciation’ . Anyone can stand up and share one thing positive about another person.

This was such an interesting activity that students randomly stood up to toast their friends and classmates. From good looks, to great speech, to kindness, to team spirit, to leadership skills, to discipline to basket ball, a pandora of good deeds broke loose in the class and set an atmosphere of instant camaraderie and classmate-ship. 

As the faculty, my heart swell to its brim and I came away thinking of the ‘goodness in and around all of us’. What a grand finale to a session of fun-filled learning!

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