between letting go and holding on

it’s between letting go 

and holding on 

that a lifetime lies 

in breathing spaces 

the in- betweens

breaking free of cloistering 

chasing fresh air 

love sits delicately

‘grow’, she says 

‘each to his own

yet together

far away 

yet so close 

so dissimilar 

yet so familiar

prosper in open spaces 

foster wisdom and courage 

nurture self and the selflessness

argue, debate, shout in polite tones 

express, exhibit, emerge 


more beautiful somehow

as trees do in the forest

as petals in a flower 

as branches in a tree

separate yet together’.

‘so be it’, the universe said.

PS: the beauty of self hood

If you know me right

If you know me right 

you will allow my might 

when I thump my chest 

or puff it out

when I hit the crease 

and count the runs 

when I stare down 

returning a tit for a tat

when I pose with my wife 

so precious and so proud 

what I have earned

have done it with work 

lots of sweat and loads of sincerity

if you can’t allow me to be myself 

remember you slay the player in me

if you can’t digest my pride in who I am 

remember, I am just one among the many young Indians 

not a meek push over

not at all apologetic 

finding the ‘swag’ in my desi ways 

crowning my talent with confidence

its perhaps a sense of collective pride 

no, not belligerent, merely assertive, if you please!

PS: Stop curbing the free spirit of the Indian Captain, let him be!