Of a different kind of a gift

Is it only expensive gifts that become special? Does it always take a diamond to express love, not really, right?

What was your most precious gift? What made it special to you?

My daughter to me has been the most precious of all gifts so far and I can’t be thankful enough to have her.

The classroom experiences have been rewarding and fulfilling and some times the results have been so breathtaking that I was left speechless.

This happened recently when students stretched themselves to outdo each other in the evaluation.

Each group vied with each other to bring out the best in them.

There were bursts of anger, some distress due to over powering emotions and the stress of time and piling work, yet they stuck to the task and turned out some really impressive stuff.

From designing drones, to coming up with alternative solutions for energy, to trying to address some evils of the ever increasing pollution by tree plantation, to finding new ways to alleviate poverty or waste management each group surpassed the expectations that was set for them.

Outclassing themselves and out doing their own inhibitions, they came out as proud co-creators of new innovative thinking.

But what won my heart was a piece of writing from a student who I had taught around 4 years ago,.When he wrote me a thank you letter, I was in the seventh heaven. I mean good words are always welcome, they become your anchor to steer you through some turbulent times.

More so, each teacher or facilitator looks forward to this kind of validation or appreciation of his/her efforts.

Perhaps we should all be more generous in appreciating the teaching community.

Perhaps we could reach out to the elders and say a word of thanks.

Perhaps it is not too late to acknowledge an act of understanding and kindness.

Perhaps it will leave you in good spirits.

Perhaps this is just the right time to make that move to express gratitude to someone beloved yet forgotten.

So, what are you waiting for? Call up and say thank you to someone who made a difference to your life:-)

Btw don’t you think it is high time , we had a ‘maid’s day’, a ‘plumber’s day’, a cleaner’s day’ and so on!


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