Of walking in the out of the box manner

But said my student,’ I have not yet learnt to think out of the box. Other wise the class was always interesting, the teacher energetic and engaging, but I wish I had learnt to think out of the box too’.

This was his reply to a feed back of the session as the semester draws to a close.

We are in the staff room and he has come with his friend. So I tell him’,Why don’t you try to go from here to the exit of this staff room in a different manner?

‘Like’, he looked at me in surprise.

‘Shouldn’t I walk?’

‘Yes, you may’, I said but cover this distance in a different manner.

He stood thinking. His friend teased, ‘he is tensed mam’. We both looked at him eagerly.

After 2 long minutes, the boy raised his hands, swung on his feet and danced to the exit, he turned back to wave me a good bye as he walked away.

Perhaps he realized that he has indeed done some thinking out of the box!

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