As the day turned

As the day turned darker

a gleam of light burned brighter

it was the candle of hope

that lit itself and shone

beneath the blanket of sorrow.

It all started with a knowing smile

a hand reaching out

a pat on the shoulder

a firm handshake

a mischievous wink

a reading between the lines

a confident pout

a twinkle resting in the corner of the eyes.

She picked it up and let it grow

watering it with her dreams

fanning it and nursing it with her sighs.

I watched her in trepidation

wondering of the crystal like nature of dreams

wavy thin foam like

ready to burst…

yet she not one to give up

or give in ever

clung to what looked like a faint smile

a twinkle in the eyes

a nod and an agreement

and I let her be.

With tsunamis here and there

what of life,

if not now, when

I just held my tongue.

PS: dreams and dream like beings


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