Coz he thought her fine

I must be fine

she said

if he thought me fine

may be just a little bit un-fine

but mostly fine

after all he said so.

Did you notice that he laughed at my joke?

nodded his head when I spoke?

turned to look at me as I was leaving?

It must be, no, should be because, you see, I am more than just fine.

Did you not see how we stood and how perfect we looked?

Did you not see the smile that graced my face and lit in his eyes?

Did you not hear the excitement with which he cheered when my friend spoke?

It is I am sure because he thinks I am just a little more fine than most people.

He has not said anything, no, not yet

I am sure he is going to some day, some time, just like that and we might just laugh over it.

Yeah, I heard he is leaving, may be he didn’t find me around

You see, I can be quite a trouble sometimes

I am sure he is going to come back and then, well, who knows?

No, I have not spoken yet, I am a bit scared.

I get hurt easily.

What if ?

May be I should just keep waiting, after all, I know for sure he thinks I am quite fine.


PS: Fine in love

Pleasantly surprised

Have you been thinking of springing up a surprise on someone? Have you been wondering of whether it is a good thing to do or not?

Some people say, they don’t like surprises but most would I guess, welcome pleasant surprises.

My brother, Ajay Govind is a master at planning surprise visits and gifts. Armed with ingenious ideas from his wife Ramya, they make a formidable duo.

That said, I have recently re-discovered the art of gifting. I am relishing the experience of planning gifts, experiences and more… It’s a small life, after all.

Thinking back, of how miserly I have been of my time and efforts in reaching out to others , I must blame my own insecurity more than anything else.

May be, being ticked for my ‘over enthusiasm’ in reaching out to others as ‘they will not value what you give’ dampened my spirits.

How stupid! I mean one should give something for the joy of giving not necessarily for the ‘return gift’! Life alone can teach us some lessons!

As I go about in my more confident avatar these days, I end up asking for time, company, random communication, some banter, in rare cases even a gift for instance, I might just call a friend and say, ‘come on, let’s go out or when can we talk or let’s catch up or something like that’.I just surprised my superior when I told her that it was birthday and she had forgotten to wish me. As she hugged and wished me a belated birthday, I kind of beamed a 100 watt smile unable to contain myself.

I was also over joyed to be the recipient of a package of love and friendship on my birthday from rather unexpected quarters. Wishes tricked in from my students, friends, former colleagues, relatives and well-wishers, thanks to social media, lifting my spirits and reinforcing the need to stay connected and in touch with good souls.

Some reprimands from my little circle of comfort and authority on the need to be kinder with myself, surprised and touched me to the core.

We are living in times when expressing love and affection for another is so much easier thanks to technology. Why not put it to good use?

So, go on, spread some cheer.

Call up someone, gift something, accrue some good karma as you start your innings in 2019.

So long, cheers!