A song that seeks

Trapped in the corners of her heart

lies a song

seeking a sound, yearning for a voice, searching an expression

a song

that beholds a sky unseen, unexplored.

Beaten rugged syllables clash and fail to form a word

every time the song tries an escape.

Since times long and forgotten

the song has been meandering its way to you


yet every time

it trembles in her throat

crackling in her voice

rasping in her breath

threatening her sanity

it cries to doors unseen

boulder-ing her path

open, open

break the facades of indifference

break the barriers

bring down the walls

open, open

your arms, your hearts

let me in…

Trust me, said the song, now almost shy

I bring joy, love and prosperity

And she looked away!

To Katelyn Ohashi

For the sheer joy of living

the radiance in your eyes speak

for the beauty of movement

every sinew, every muscle

in your beautiful abode of life

dance in ecstasy

rippling happiness

that stays long in imprisoned smiles

and nods to the self

searching for words

in times of despair

let every man remember

that you thrive

one who is given to living

pain is no pain in the celebration of being

let every woman recollect

there is a celestial rhythm in her movements

dance and the world dances with you

Katelyn Ohashi, you creature of beauty

prosper, spread love and cheer!

may your golden locks

embrace this world with a huge radiant smile

may your dance to power, success and joy

all so beautifully interwoven

remind us, men and women

to search for happiness

envelop ourselves in an embrace of joyful existence!


A walk would do!

‘A walk would do’, she said

‘just a walk

maybe a cup of coffee

sipping in the aroma of the evening

munching on yesterdays

some music from faraway

a book or two on the table

a pen to note down

thoughts floating by

a little of the evening sun

a quiet breeze lulling in the garden

a few leaves twittering

a bird here, a bird there

a friend to drop by

a simmering stove

some conversation

a quiet corner in a busy city

a small heaven’

life has been a rush

now I would rather rest’,

she stopped

and I sighed

‘long list,don’t you think’?

Stones speak

Beyond everything is sorrow

a huge wall of sorrow

that blankets life and living

enveloping it in a sheet of dust

breaking into dirt and throwing up every now and then

a scream is let out from the plants, nay, every grass

every tree weeps, every branch shakes

the birds have gone silent

leaving man to his means

that benefit none

not even him,

The earth shatters

convulsing within itself in painful spasms

crying out in whispers, in murmurs

‘a little love please

a little care please

I can give you more than you can hold’

‘but first’ cried the stone

relic of our past existences

son of mother earth

brother to man and life in spirit

‘learn to listen to the sky, the waters and the soil

learn to bow before you take

learn to know what to take and when

for all you, birds, animals and men

return to me’, the stone smiled gently

glimpses of life here and after played

songs rose from each sand

the trees nodded

the birds cooed

the sky roared.

Ps: when stones speak

The Veneer

It is all about putting up a strong veneer, invincible, impregnable, strong, standing against the storms.

It is what Anu decided to do as she set herself against the year, the new year, you see!

Swinging her butt to the new and old of hindi film songs and romancing the handsomest in her fantasies, Anu sashayed her way into the new year, all made up and up todate.

Saris procured from the flea markets in New Delhi with gota patti, laces and more, with bell sleeves and sleevelessness, back-full or back less, a young spirit in a life style that is a copy of Sabyasachi she made her mind to show it to them, this year.

New year resolutions, my foot! ‘I am gonna live my life, dammit’, she declared loud and clear, and we laughed at the feisty woman pretending to be flimsy.

‘This too is me’, she explained for my sake and I pretended not to hear.

Cheers to your new year, happy and happening!!!

Dance or no dance, love or no love, just live life every moment with the veneer in place. That be the goal.

‘2019, don’t miss your chance to unload the gifts!’