The Veneer

It is all about putting up a strong veneer, invincible, impregnable, strong, standing against the storms.

It is what Anu decided to do as she set herself against the year, the new year, you see!

Swinging her butt to the new and old of hindi film songs and romancing the handsomest in her fantasies, Anu sashayed her way into the new year, all made up and up todate.

Saris procured from the flea markets in New Delhi with gota patti, laces and more, with bell sleeves and sleevelessness, back-full or back less, a young spirit in a life style that is a copy of Sabyasachi she made her mind to show it to them, this year.

New year resolutions, my foot! ‘I am gonna live my life, dammit’, she declared loud and clear, and we laughed at the feisty woman pretending to be flimsy.

‘This too is me’, she explained for my sake and I pretended not to hear.

Cheers to your new year, happy and happening!!!

Dance or no dance, love or no love, just live life every moment with the veneer in place. That be the goal.

‘2019, don’t miss your chance to unload the gifts!’


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