Sorry doc,I gonna do the Google search!

A few months ago, my teenager had a sprain and some swelling on her feet. I went to the local trusted physician for a check up. The gentleman doctor advised rest but also raised a panic alarm when he pronounced the name of the said ailment that I almost fell off from my seat. With high anxiety and rising sense of helplessness, I reached the medical shop and asked for the tablets.

The girl at the counter informed that the prescribed medicine was not available. ‘Give me for today’, I insisted. ‘No, mam, it is steroids. So it is better that you take the entire course. I will get it for you by tomorrow’.

‘Steroid’!!!, I staggered and walked away in silence.

We went home. I called up my mother and reported the events of the day.

As usual my mother in her rather nonchalant manner advised, ‘ Heat up some water. Put some salt into it. Ask her to dip her feet in the salt water. After some time, tie that crepe bandage and keep the feet elevated. She will be fine in some time.’

I realized my tensions literally vanishing and I heaved a sigh of relief as the real doc has pronounced that ‘all iizz welllll’ ๐Ÿ™‚

What would I do without this wonder woman?!!!! Seriously!!!

Next day, I went to another expert that my physician had recommended and sat waiting in trepidation for words of more wisdom. The smiling lady said, ‘it is nothing actually, ask her to rest completely. Send me pics of her feet and if things don’t improve, we will see.’

Surely enough, my teenager was back to her bubbly self and I regained my peace and calm.

Yes, I know that not all doctors are to be blamed and not every time. Yet when doctors prescribe steroids as easy to take medicines, you do wonder.

In another instance this week, I chatted up with a friend after a long time. She told me of her inability to join me as she was suffering from excessive bleeding during menstruation. As is the normal practice, she went for a checkup. The doctor told her that she has to get her uterus removed and advised her, almost insisted that she get herself admitted immediately for the operation.

In fact, one of the nurses callously commented, ‘Why do you need a uterus anymore?’

Agitated,appalled and terribly disillusioned the family decided to go for a second opinion and called back home in Kerala. The family physician in Kerala advised that she should at no cost remove the uterus. She was warned of further complications if it was done.

Said my friend, ‘I will take it slow. I know that my body will heal and with the right treatment, I will be back and bouncing’.

With good folks around, happy friends and a happier family, what can not be healed after all?

‘And a treat is in order’, I reminded her.

A doctor has put up a sign,’ Don’t confuse your google search with my research!’

Fair enough! but we can still use our brains, right!


7 responses to “Sorry doc,I gonna do the Google search!”

  1. Wise ladies, all.

    I had a similar experience recently: anxiety-induced acceptance* of a doctor’s instructions for an immediate procedure that should have been done, if at all, with more joint consideration and questioning on my part. I shall think of your mother before any new medical interventions.

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    • I guess we all become wiser with experience. There was a time when a doctor’s word was the final call on health. Today after having lived through some incompetent and improper diagnoses and having seen people I know closely suffer, I have started viewing ‘doctoral wisdom’ with skepticism.

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    • My grand father was an ayurvedic physician and my mother as curious and tuned to learning picked quite some knowledge of herbs and traditional methods of healing. Most importantly it’s her attitude to life which is unbeatable ๐Ÿ™‚


      • I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to read your reflections (your poems too, of course). For all the troubles caused here by “social media,” and experienced almost ruinously by some–especially young persons who forsake, or have never tried, reading books–the internet offers a wondrous meeting of minds.

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