Sometimes said Anu, ‘ I wonder if I am living the last leg of my life, is it why I am suddenly able to do so much? Is it why I am receiving so much good will? Is it why the world is suddenly very kind to me that I am overwhelmed in gratitude?’

Does it have to be so? I countered;’Couldn’t it be so that you have been working hard for this and it is finally good times seeping in slowly? Maybe life waited to bless you with bounties and you are having your time in the sun, finally and that you can’t believe it yet.’

We looked at each other, she and I.

Unable to believe in the goodness of times, Anu was keen to poke a finger of disbelief at my conviction.

‘Much has been happening ever since the pall of naysayers lifted off . I started my doctoral studies. I even got a paper accepted at an international conference. I managed to write a chapter on Design Thinking for a book. Been hosting quite a few events at my workplace.’

‘Professionally it looks like I am in a good space. ‘

I smiled encouragingly even though part of me said ‘ what a gasbag!’ I knew where all this was coming from.
I quietly reached out for my helmet when I heard her murmur
‘But at my back I always hear Time’s winged chariot hurrying near,And yonder all before us lie Deserts of vast eternity’ ,’Thats Andrew Marvell in his poem To The Coy Mistress.’
‘Yes mam,’ I smiled as I got up and waved her a silent good bye.
Must you be so glum I thought to myself as I rode home.


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  1. Glum indeed, and self-indulgent. I wonder if we can poke a finger of perspective at persons who fall into this trap. I’ve tried polite questions, but they don’t seem to help.

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    • True that. We all like to believe that we are victims of some grand plan and can do nothing to change our situation. Mostly it’s a state of the mind.


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