Dark Awaits

The dark awaits

solemn quiet

don’t hesitate

embrace the dark

trust what you cannot see

see with your heart

it knows. it knows.

reach out

sometimes you are reached back

otherwise silence

yet trust, trust the dark

stark be the truth

fierce the sounds

yet know that the dark speaks

speaks to you in low dull tones

murmuring wisdom from beyond

trust the dark

dark awaits. dark awaits

step ahead

step in line

slip out of line

but just step up

take it


dark teaches

more than the light

the harsh lessons strike

like hot coal

scalding burning

but listen to the dark

she speaks. she speaks.

often times her sounds are convoluted

still she brings to you the fruits of knowledge

of sweats of the past lives

of tear beads accumulated in pain

in slow cooking of agony

in the rise and fall of anxiety

so harken the dark


life follows what is not

light follows the dark.


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