This way please!

‘This way please’

I implored laughter

who, was reluctant to come

sit for a cup of coffee,a nod and a smile

‘when did you become so pricey?’

asked I still mendicant- like

hands folded in reverence

eyes prayerful, shoulders drooping

when he chose not to answer

I pulled him in,

wailing now,hands flaying

gurgling in rolls and rolls of good bellyful laughter

ears reddening and voice now cracking

‘I only wanted to be called’, he said

‘you could’ve told’, I countered

crumbling in piles of joyful shakes

spreading contagious vibes

we fell on the floor heaving loads and loads of fun-filled guffaws

the corridors crumbled and rumbled

and a voice said

‘what’s that noise?’

and we, laughter and I

shrieked loud unable to contain our many joys!


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