Blessings bounteous

Blessings bounteous

are these

the man and the woman

who take pride

who work hard

who love so much

whose care in every action speaks

that your heart breaks

tears flow

gratitude fills

every pore of your soul

soaking every negative thought

every fear that might float in

what quirk of fate

left me on earth

and stole him him my beloved brother

I cannot say

born to these parents

we have both been lucky

this love brother, is mine and yours to share

I have not forgotten nor shall ever forget

yet, to be alive

to be breathing

to be spoken of with such love

such pride for almost nothing

really,what more could I ask for

what more could I ever want?

to be your cherished child is my only dream

to be your loved girl is my greatest achievement

humbled and strengthened

every time I speak to you

fortified every time I watch you

thank you for being there!

thank you dear universe

for your blessings bounteous!