A Father’s Advice

‘Whatever you are’

said my father

‘whatever you will be’

said he

‘will be solely because

of things you enjoy doing

therefore’, said he gravely

‘it will bode you well

not to neglect these’

as I leaned closer

he murmured

‘Read, read more and more

write, write more and more

speak, often and in measured words

teach because you receive much in giving

read because you need to know more to speak less

write because you share and learn as you express yourself

speak because you need to know what you clearly don’t know

not the gadgets, nor the likes, nor the accolades, nor the brickbats

nor you yourself will sustain on your own

most importantly do, go out and do what you can whenever you can wherever you can!’

said my father before he returned to his morning newspaper.


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