Who be thou?

Who be thou?

knocking at the door

forcing open

dusty rugged eyes shut for long

Who be thou ?

reaching out into the depths

fishing out moist pains past

erasing stains of aches and tears

Who be thou?

friend or benefactor

what brings you here to these rugged plains

deep set vales & slippery grounds

Who be thou?

fantasy, dream or apparition

what leads the heart to murmur

forehead to sweat.

A breeze breathed by

a smile shined in

a song sang itself

a rainbow rose out of nothing!


4 responses to “Who be thou?”

  1. I get it. I’ve almost had that experience. “Almost” because I wonder if I am making it up, whether from reading or just wanting. Still, I get it.

    The most striking line is “fishing out moist pains past,” but the most inspiring and my favorite part is the beautiful four-line conclusion.

    Most elusive phrase: “slippery grounds.” For me it has a moral application, or maybe I’m reaching too far beyond a literal meaning (“it rains a lot here”).

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