Biscuits don’t bite

Coz you have come this far

why don’t you sit for a while

a cup of coffee will not take much time

nor a bite of a biscuit

I offered more in desperation

than in host-liness

if there be such a stuff!

He sat down gingerly

pecking at the biscuit

preening at his watch

now fingering at the gadget

that talked and did much more

I know it all

I have seen enough life

after all I have been in charge of him

for much long than he gives me credit

then he got up as if in hurry

took out the talking machine

and shouted to emptiness

‘Ok, I am coming, right now’

he stood awkwardly

it was his time to go

but I had already opened the door

he looked at me in surprise, nay, shock.

Well,I laughed to myself

I am desperate

yes, but only for good company!

Loneliness sits well with me

biscuits don’t bite nor run

coffee is always inviting me to the table

there is no pretense here just good old life!


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