Feeding Spirituality

Spirituality walked in

clad in saffron

spouting chaste Malayalam

thinking the high thoughts

the lady said, ‘food is ready, do come in’

spirituality walked in

straight head on straighter shoulders

the heavy weight of this world and the next

carried with elan, after great knowledge, what obstacles?

when about to sit for delicious summer food

of mambazha koottan, pachadi, achar, koottu kalan and pappadam

spirituality asked

‘so are you planning to serve both of us together?’

referring to the cab driver thumbing through the newspaper

the hostess replied

‘both of you are hungry

both of you are travelers

what your destinations are

what paths you choose I hardly care

both of you will share the same table

two travelers, one food, one table

one teacher!


5 thoughts on “Feeding Spirituality

      1. OK, so here’s what I’m sending, along with your poem, to my poker group–five over old guys, who also like to eat out together sometimes– a suggestion that we look for a restaurant that offers

        “delicious summer food”:

         1) mambazha koottan, https://cookpad.com/us/recipes/2607884-sweet-mango-curry-with-coconut-mambazha-kootan

        2) pachadi:  side dish made with vegetable, yoghurt, coconut, ginger and curry leaves and seasoned with mustard.  https://www.vegrecipesofindia.com/cucumber-pachadi-recipe/

        3) achar:  combo of sliced fruits and vegetables pickled in oil and spices that has the power to vivify even the most tired bowl of rice.  https://www.tastingtable.com/cook/national/achar-indian-condiment-pickles

        4) koottu kalan:  an ultimate comfort food with some rice and any spicy vegetable stir fry on the side. Usually prepared with Chena /Elephant Foot /Yam and Pachakkaya /Raw Plantain.  https://www.kothiyavunu.com/2009/07/kalan-kaalan-recipe-kerala-sadya-recipe.html

        5) and pappadam” – tortilla-size, paper-thin, crisp wafers with a lovely nutty flavor. Made from lentil, chickpea, or rice flour, they’re available plain or accented with cumin, pepper, garlic, or chile.  https://www.finecooking.com/article/whats-a-pappadam

        (I’ll let you know if our Midwestern USA city might allow us to travel gastronomically.)

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