Thank you for the magical 31,000 !

I always wanted to write.

I got some acknowledgement of my creative abilities when my effort to translate a text from Malayalam to English at the age of 10 got noticed.

I must have really enjoyed the experience back then because later as I grew up, I almost quit writing. I was filled with a certain self-doubt, a self- hate, a feeling of being incompetent, not good enough which left me confused and unsure. I got back to writing when a friend who means a lot to me casually commented,’ why don’t you write?’. I started off writing poems on the rather secretly some time in 2008.

It was only when I started blogging that I began telling others around, ‘I write, please read my blog!’ This sounded strange even to me. I guess I was pretty ashamed of what I wrote!

I was an avid reader though and I read ‘The Citadel’ by AJ Cronin which was a prescribed text for my sister and the most interesting and intriguing Malayalam novel’ Marthandavarma’and later ‘Lord of the Flies’ by William Golding and many others for the same reason.

Sometimes browsing through others book shelves- mostly with permission, got me interesting pieces of literature sometimes even the ‘forbidden’ kind!

I grew up hoping to be a writer or a journalist and never a teacher, ironically,that is exactly what I became. I have no regrets, I enjoy being with young people immensely.

Commitment to more disciplined writing has, so far, been an unaccomplished goal. To a great extent blogging helped me shed a variety of anxieties and inhibitions and sort of freed me of many tangles.

5000 words a day is I am told, the magic formula to better and consistent writing.

Hope to reach there soon!

31, 000 hits, 200+ followers give me enough reason to hope for success. Thank you universe! Thank you dear readers!

You don’t know what you have done for me !


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