And life goes on

At the station waiting for the train they sat quietly. Apprehensions of change, new place, new people and separation, each kept to herself.

The kindness of the universe has bound them well and circumstances have only strengthened the bond.

The elder woman kept a brave face, holding back her true feelings and praying silently for the other’s success.

The younger one sat glued to the mobile, saying byes to her friends, the elephant in the room, she too did not want to address.

But then, who could have stopped time, who could have not wished for growth and prosperity and new avenues to challenge oneself.

Thirst for success became the younger one’s courage. The wish to see the other prosper gave the older one solace even in separation.

Then there is the wisdom that time alone bestows.

Some things looked crystal clear.

Some decisions seemed to have been validated.

A small tender hand fragile,soft and weak now often held the other in confidence and surety.

These are not tears…

She smiled through the rain…

This is bounty. And the universe holds them close, very close…..