I breathe you

‘Lend a hand will you’, I asked life and he smiled

‘Sit down with me and let me hear you talk’

I told the wind and he waved his hand

‘Hold your glare and bend down so I can touch you’

I told the sky and he frowned

‘Stop and hear me speak’

I told the universe

and she roared

I breathe you

I am housed in you

Your words drive me

Your dreams are what I thrive on

What is within is without

What is without is within

She said sagely

And I was quiet!

2 thoughts on “I breathe you”

  1. I do like this. It gets me thinking differently about nature, the human spirit, and how we can misunderstand each.

    The poems in your blog present unusual and often surprising perspectives. The short line form with irregular breaks and no end punctuation– uintil the end! In this case at least– are deceptive, as if you are merely dictating rapidly but from another mode of consciousness. Sometime I hope you write a post about how you can turn off so easily (it seems) the prose mode of talking and switch into a higher gear of fresh concise simple (It seems) poetic expression.

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