Of the leap over the doubt

Take the leap

yet land safe, my love

dream, dream big

and move fast

my love, but stop and look behind

yes, the universe beckons

sets the stage

invites, entices

you being brave

young and proud

will step up the game

do, do not delay

do not allow doubts to fester

the universe knowing you

your place will

match her step to each of yours

sometimes though

not always, not every time

there are tricks and traps

foes masquerading as friends

mentors not yet good at mentoring

yes, these are old words

the genesis of doubt

niggling bits of diffidence

clouding the sunshine

that is you

ignore my wavering

pardon my fearfulness

remember love

I am with you

forge ahead

the world is your stage

go set it on fire

the universe holds out her hands in embrace!


2 responses to “Of the leap over the doubt”

  1. The grandfather in me gets it, the whole thing..The father/teacher once and long in me understands this: “mentors not yet good at mentoring.” And an imaginary writer in me would like to have thought up this especially : “niggling bits of diffidence”

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    • But you are a writer and a very good one at that. Thanks. Our children should go out and explore yet there is a fear that sometimes stops us from being supportive.

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