When girls meet

When girls meet

we talk of life

and inevitably of love

and yes, home

and many hopelessness

we laugh at our follies

and regret not having misadventures

then we crib

of the dutifulness

and mopping and cleaning and cooking

shifting to our love for dresses

of decking up

the ‘nathani’ she planned to get

the sari that has been so alluring

lingering on the shops and malls

then moving to foods

dwelling deeply on ice-creams and chocolates

we dive deep into fantasies

of outings and immersing ourselves in the many ‘unsanskari’ stuff

we decide its about time to do what we ought to do

or aren’t we going to regret

there is of course time to recollect old flames

sometimes music and films

we set our dates

and fix our plans

but the meetings call

the duties demand

the month ends threaten

some attire we struggle to fit into

with young hearts and

old bodies, maybe not old, not yet

we laugh out loud

and keep the laughter ringing

as we go on we say

we shall go out with a song in our hearts

wink in our eyes

mischief in our minds

there’s a promise of a glass of wine

or may be something stronger

to laugh out louder

drowning the freckles and the wrinkles

coz if not for living, what is life for?

so be it!


The universe said

or maybe I just made it up!

PS: To Vi, Ro and Lee and our many flights!


2 responses to “When girls meet”

  1. Just yesterday I was puzzling over a crazy book (crazy to me, and maybe many men), “The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood.” written by Rebecca Wells, 1996–apparently very successful here, for a time at least.. There was a movie made from it. too.. We discussed it today in our book club, equally divided, men and women. I would never have read or understood it if it weren’t an “assignment.” Now, after reading your poem, I like it and the book even a bit better than I would have yesterday.

    (Sorry for the long comment. Enthusiasm resulting from small and large revelations. A guy-eye-opening thing.)

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