Soulful music

I studied in a convent school and believed sincerely in the power of piety. In fact I fancied becoming a nun and dutifully tending to the needy. Music, especially the film music was somehow beneath me and I immersed myself in books.

This is ironical since my mother believing that there is a musical talent in me had sent me to music classes where I simply whiled away my time, trying to get others attention!

Well my parents insisted that I learn violin the ‘carnatic’ style and even got me a home tutor. My inherent lethargy stopped me from learning even when my violin master at Kalpathi, Palakkad was the renowned Swaminathan Sir. I did however, get along well with his wife and she lent me many books from her personal library. My focus in those years was more on riding the scooter to and fro to college and classes!

Time has changed me and my approach to music.

Moh Moh Ke Dhaage from Dhum Lagake Haisha is a song that is not just melodiously rendered but also soothing to ears. The film is well composed and the actors do their parts well. But the songs in this film are truly ethereal.

Wake Up Sid was indeed a wake up call for Hindi Cinema to go realistic. Indeed the film successfully captured the angst of growing up and finding oneself. Again the songs were a winner, especially this one.

I guess Barfi! will be considered a classic in the years to come. A touching story enriched with great music and some amazingly beautiful people.

There are not many films that did justice to the acting skills of Shilpa Shetty, but Metro is a true saga of love and loneliness in the metropolitan cities that gave her some scope to act. This song is a story in itself!

Some have objection to the proliferation of songs in Indian movies but that is their beauty to me.

After all, what is life if not a song and a dance on the stage of time!

Stay Off work for fun!

It is a good feeling

to be at home

when you should be at work

to skip the routine

and dive beneath the blanket

to turn time upside down

to sit at home and watch the afternoons

the sly evenings and the entry of the dark knights

its good to know

you have done it on your own will

a cheat day

is still a good day

perhaps its still better

if you could go out and play

have friends to hang out with

and time to drink and talk and eat and sleep

hmm…maybe just don’t over do it

listen to your heart and your body

give it a break

and don’t go breaking

‘have fun when having fun

work when working’

someone said

but how about fun while working?

or fun without working?

Ps: Cheat days are fun days!