RoI and students’ life

A IITian ends his life over not scoring enough. This is not the first time it has happened nor will it be that last.

When education is an investment for parents to recover with interest, monetary and otherwise, the pressure that a students goes through is tremendous.

Again and again the young person is reminded of the debt he owes to the family,the clan,the caste,the society,the country and what not. On top of this is the condescending attitude of fellow classmates to the academically disadvantaged, even if its a temporary situation,perhaps arising out of lack of friends or family support or just being overwhelmed at the responsibility on his shoulders, only adds to the misery of the young person.

Many young men have to go through the grind of engineering only to up their value in the market of matrimony, the better the degree,the more the dowry.

Infact a girl’s family recently shelled out the funding for the post doctoral studies of a doctor groom. It’s worth more than a crore apparently!

Unless parents stop strutting out their child’s achievements as their own, unless they stop burdening their children with their own unfulfilled aspirations, many young lives will be lost at the altar of pride, prestige and competition for the same.

Lessening jobs, increased competition, lack of avenues for creative expression have made the lives of young people more and more difficult.

Sadly even the best brains in the business of academics refuse to accept the importance of emotional well being of students.

Is that so difficult to see?


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