And he fell, the man

‘He who weeps for me has his tears dried today, this day

He who fills my every pore with love is lost

He whose calls I spring forth to in joyous abundance

is no more, no more ,’The earth murmured,

‘Such days I never hoped to see

without his love, I am nothing.nothing.’, she stopped.

The birds cried in unison, ‘not we dear mother, not us, not us’

‘we dance for your love and your union with your eternal lover

we rejoice in you, holy mother’

the worms slow to move cried,’holy mother, we are far too small, yet you held us close

it is not us, dear mother, we pray for you and for him’.

the animals mingled in their roars, bellows, cries and laughs, said together

‘ha, mother, we have tried our very best, we even learned to be kind to your favorite, the man. We have only loved you still if there be sins we beg forgivance’.

The earth mother wept, ‘It is I who sinned, I who held one so cruel, so close to me, I opened up every reserve, every treasure for his plundering, and see what it has done to me, to us, to him, though he does not know yet, not yet’.

Sitting in circles one away from the next the life on the planet, prayed to their only god, gaia and cried

‘Curse be on the man’

‘For he has killed our mother’

‘Distanced the heavenly lover from her, our mother goddess, our only provider and nurturer’

‘This shall not be forgiven, never, never, others echoed!’

The trees were silent, so were the grass, they knew only kindness even in anger.

But he fell, the man!


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