Exhume, release, move on

It was that time of the year

when the heart is quiet and sure

focused on digging up past lives

reliving memories

but it was somehow different

this time unlike many other times

maybe it is marking a decade

and therefore it is willing to overlook

mostly though there was deep love replacing deep anger

loosening of many knots, filling heart with the warmth of love

the slow fire of yearning and a great realization of changing

it was easy to forgive, forego and forget

making space for what is new, what is loving, what is embracing

keep the songs coming

keep the joys brewing

for the summer is here again

the warmth is a-calling

the dreams are a-beckoning

feel the change

relive the joy

the smiles are a-lasting

love is at the door!

live and let live!


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