Ali’s Wedding : A Review

It’s my vacation, the yearly break when I get time off work. Well, not really because I am continuously working on something or the other. Yet, the fact that I am at home is a privilege. How do I make good the time I have? By watching loads and loads of movies, even 3 a day. So I catch up with Malayalam Cinema, Kumbalangi Nights, Sudani from Nigeria, Bharya Athra Pora, a few more are lined up.

But the film that touched my heart and soul today is Ali’s Wedding, a beautiful rom-com set in Australia, revolving around a young Muslim couple greatly in love.

There is the sweet innocence of Ali who wanting to live to his father’s expectations of him, ends up screwing his own life, washing hands off his dreams and regrets deeply. (Some bells ring there and I shout an advice to my daughter, whatever happens follow your heart, only yours O.K!!!)

There is the usual family emotional blackmailing, community moments, fun and theater in the mosque and much more.

Worth more than a watch, truly!

Cute film

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