Monstrous K

She devours

in large unlimited quantities

qualities of every kind

patience, perseverance and discipline

aesthetics, conscience and much more

demands attention like a bawling child

growing in need every moment

no wonder, so many have turned against her

even with captains at their hand

she is messy, wild,insatiable

leaving you with a sense of worthlessness

the mistress who is so assured of herself

even in times of calamity or scarcity

not a moment is free of her service

now the sink, now the cupboards, now the stove

and her many die-hard fans who swear by her

but will never lift a finger

bloating her ego and compelling you somehow

to play the servile attendant

often I have put up my hands

cried in exasperation and vowed never to return

but widening girths around the waist

a bottom too big to be hot

drives you back to the tyrant

gleefully laughing at your discomfort

I told you so’s too many

nodding heads and whistles taunting

there has to be a way

there has to be a way

get around thee and still be happy

soon I shall have my day

let this be yours

I drop the spoon with a thud

until evening, then!