Rain Dance

It’s how he came yesterday

slow and steady and in no hurry

its as if he was

prepared for a long conversation

he stayed slowly spreading his legs

ever so slow in stretching his limbs

she watched him like never before

its new, she chuckled

as the slow night grew intense

she was calm and cool

some parts of her soul re-awakening

much has she been through

yet her spirit being indomitable

woke bit by bit piece by piece

its been long since he came, she thought

but he does know to make his presence

each little pore felt caressed

poured in with love

each little breath

now more alive

he knew what was at stake

and nothing could be more important

there was no music, no light either

just his slow breath and deep voice

a slow dance it was

to the rhythm of life

If this be living, stay on!

Ps: slow and steady be the rain in Bangalore


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