To dance or not to dance, Science vs Arts

Prostrating at the altar of science

arts cried

Sir, your vision is inimitable

your techniques sharp and crisp

your points are yes, points

valid in their precision

you have come up with

unctions to cure and to excite

instruments to fascinate and experiment

weapons to destroy and discriminate

contraptions to add variety to living

I hear you are traveling to space

thank you for teaching us

to escape the reality

Moon is the next trash can!

Captured images are somehow priceless

a rhino horn adorns your walls

a stuffed deer mocks you

you have taken us far

too far indeed, from where we ought to be

Sir, I salute your temperament

your umpteen Nobel sacrifices

and the many prizes for such selflessness

( who can ever forget Curie?)

I don’t deny you the power of your logic

the talent of your intellect

but did not man first in his mind see

what he then produced

if he did and you know he did

then that is art sir, that is art

the songs of the wild are not silly

the chorus of the skies are not ignorant

the dance of the bees

is much more than what science knows

ask the octopus, he knows what you think

Sir, I beseech you not to mock language

literature, theater and poetry

oh! please don’t quote Plato

he knew but half the truth

add some joy to your life

come join me in the laughter club

let’s escape the prosaic of the science

to seek the poetry of thought.

Take up that chisel

dip that pen in the love potion

pinch some colors of that palette

let your hair down, relax.

PS: To dance or not to dance!


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