Before the bier

Before the bier

she turned to speak

walk by me

follow the corpse

in silence

think of what is

and what could have been

we have spoken enough


you and I

have had it all

perhaps not

I gave it all when I could

time took all of me

you stood by at times

and walked away at others

that I know is life

have I not danced,sung, laughed and cried enough

have we not quarreled silly

walked off and walked again

a sensation of senselessness

enters me now

the left toe twitches

the last breath escapes in pain

caught at the joints

prana struggles to find its way

out of the living body

to freedom

breathe in

breathe out

its all that is there ever

perhaps I will see you

perhaps not

walk by my bier

quiet, will you?



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