Control Tower : A Japanese Film on growing up

Takahiro Miki’s ‘Control Tower’ is an interesting film on the angst of growing up.

Set in the icy town called Wakkanai, Kakeru is a lonely adolescent who doesn’t get along well with others. In fact, he positively shuns company and has his ear phones on to shut off any possible contact. His mom admonishes him for sleeping cramped up in the closet. His life takes a positive turn when a new girl from the city, Mizhuho or Mimi joins the school. Mimi befriends him with great difficulty and sticks with him. She does not like others and slowly Kakeru is drawn to her infectious vivaciousness.

I almost thought this could have been a slow Bengali, or Malayalam movie which sort of lumbers through long silences.

A refreshing take on blossoming of young love, the fierce protection of self, and various others issues related family and growing up, the movie is worth more than a watch.

Especially endearing is the song that Kakeru composes inspired by his friendship with Mimi. Mimi’s struggles reminded me of the young Jenny Curan who never wanted to go to her home in Forrest Gump.

Worth a watch, surely!

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