A Dialogue Cafe on Wheels!!!

It has sort of caught my fancy. It has been so for some time actually, the idea of driving around the city,while having great conversations… like a dialogue cafe on wheels.

I think that way I should be able to do many things at one go.Travel which has long been on my hit list, ah, the wish list, meeting up and having interesting conversations and well, doing my bit to run my home.

Perhaps the cab could have a few eatables, some magazines, no drinks!,and a theme for each drive.

Is that such a bad idea, its like a caravan of sorts?

I have been toying with the idea of debuting as a part time cabbie, it is part of my long term plan.

Does not every one like a good conversation, some good company, great food while on wheels?

Wonder if such a thing is in place already?

Maybe I am reinventing the wheel!


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