Kitty Commandments!

Ever since she chose to adopt us, our kitty has been busy training us, teaching us a few tricks of the trade of kitty management. She is a meticulous trainer with a clear plan of action and well defined expectations.

It was something like this.

‘Listen, I am the boss,you serve me well and I purr in return, or may be allow you to pet me’.

‘Just because you give me food, you don’t own me’

‘I know exactly what to do in my life, who to hang out with and who not to’.

If I had such clarity, I thought my life would have been a different ball game altogether!

Anyways, Kitty says, ‘I meow twice, you place the bowl’.

‘Any delay on your part will get you more angry impatient meows from me’.

‘I like to bring my friends home, not always but I expect you to treat them well.’

‘Better bring Meow food only, for me, no cost cutting!’

Kitty purrs,’After food, I will turn to the window and meow twice or thrice’.

‘In fact, I will go and meow at each and every window in the house to get you the message’.

‘It means you got to get yourselves up open the door and let me out’.

‘When I want to come in again I will meow at the window’.

‘ I will meow at all the windows in the house, till you bloody push yourself up’.

‘I will be checking from the window, and when I see you do that I will amble to the door, be there!’.

‘ And you better open the door fast, or you will get an earful from me’.

‘Well, food, you got to give me when ever I come, how many ever times that be’.

‘Don’t expect me to have left overs, please serve it fresh every time’.

‘If I see you sit too long with your stupid box,I might want to sleep on it, coz it does my bum good and my mood!’.

‘Again if you and your stupid girl are too busy looking up whatever, I better be out with my other friends’.

‘Once in a while I will gift you a roach, a lizard or a little rat’,’depends on availability and my ability, so no guarantee’.

‘Privileges of scratching my back, touching my face can be granted on the basis of your attitude and aptitude.’

‘That should do for now and please don’t lecture me on neatness and hygiene, I am the best in the department’.

Ok, meow to you for now!


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