small insignificant lives

there was nothing big about his dreams

they were of everyday

walk, run, talk

marry, he said

have children

yes,yes, go to work

come to a loving wife

and smiles

some sorrows

little bits of anger

spicing up life

but you see, a happy story

so to say

that is what he wanted

so when matrimonial ads were read for fun

he said, send my name

or get me started

the wheel chair was not a barrier to dreams

nor to smiles and nods of love

or to music that seemed to fill his life

simple, simple in his words

modest, modest in his wildest dreams

the universe, though, like a tough taskmaster

said to him

‘no, not this for you

a bit of laughter

just a bit, not too much

it will spoil you thoroughly’

he smiled innocently

whatever, if you decide

who can ask otherwise

sometimes in the rains

his voice came floating from away

far away,far far away

a voice of love and care

mostly compassion

does he seek his soul sister

does he seek a friend

does he reach out in fragrance

wafts of heavenly scents

filling the vacuum

I am not so dramatic

perhaps he would say

I am rather simple

my life and passing away too

has been common, too common

even to me

yet, such is life

such are lives

small, insignificant lives

yours and mine.

you are too delusional

far too given to imagination

he smiled tenderly

she looked on

radiance in her eyes.


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